Kaspersky vs McAfee: How do these Antiviruses Compare?

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In the modern world, security on the Internet is an important issue, as our computers along with personal info hidden in them become vulnerable. The number of virtual attacks is growing, while creators of malicious programs are developing more and more sophisticated approaches to hack your smart devices.

McAfee and Kaspersky are well-known brands in the digital world, but who is better? Which software wins this thrilling battle? We have drawn up this comprehensive Kaspersky vs McAfee review to help you decide what to choose. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! We start the competition. 

Kaspersky vs McAfee: key highlights

McAfee and Kaspersky are top-rated antivirus products, which provide a full range of cybersecurity services even with extras. Both companies developed sophisticated algorithms to detect all malware and unwanted software. Here are key features of Kaspersky and McAfee, that set them apart from other security products. 


  1. Small number of false alerts (we love McAfee for that).
  2. Provides 256-bit AES encryption for the files on your computer.
  3. Offers key ID protection.


  1. Excellent protection from malicious programs.
  2. Additional tools, for example, a password manager.
  3. Two-factor authentication.

Although Kaspersky offers a wide range of antivirus solutions, we believe that McAfee is a bit better. McAfee provides its users with more security options. McAfee also has more extra tools and utilities while Kaspersky’s firewall is available only higher-priced suits.

Kaspersky vs McAfee: protection

According to independent evaluation data, both solutions got excellent rates, demonstrating an impressive level of protection from all possible threats on the web. Both McAfee and Kaspersky managed to identify 100% of malware samples, getting the highest scores from the AV-Test Institute. So, there is no winner in this round.

Kaspersky vs McAfee: how they influence system performance

Both Kaspersky and McAfee are doing a great job. Kaspersky has a bit heavier impact on the resources compared to McAfee, but the difference is minimal. McAfee shows slightly better results in this round, but that isn’t enough to win. There is a tie in this round. 

Kaspersky vs McAfee: usability

Generally, both McAfee and Kaspersky have a nice, easy-to-navigate interface. Although Kaspersky provides a more elegant and clear web design, its interface hides certain features depending on the subscription plan. It is a big disadvantage.

On the contrary, McAfee is completely transparent since you pay for the subscription. Overall, McAfee is the leader in this round.

Kaspersky vs McAfee: pricing

And finally, we are talking about money. The pricing of both companies depends on the package you are going to purchase, the number of devices, and the length of coverage.

McAfee’s Total Security costs $24.99 for one device. As you are planning to buy the five-license suit, the price goes up to $39.99, and you will pay $44.99 for ten licenses. McAfee LiveSafe is more expensive if you need to protect only one computer. However, it becomes more economical if we are talking about numerous devices.

Kaspersky offers the Anti-Virus package for $29.99 and its coverage extends over 3 PCs only. The Internet Security suite is applicable to mobile devices and Macs and costs $39.99. The Total Security solution, which also covers three devices is $49.99.

We like McAfee more in this round as its pricing policy is better designed.


McAfee is the leader as it provides more essential features and additional tools in its packages than Kaspersky. However, independent lab tests demonstrate that both antivirus solutions offer superb protection without reducing the system performance in any significant way. Another important finding: McAfee’s antivirus packages are slightly cheaper than Kaspersky’s.