What are the Best Virtual Data Room Solutions And Websites in the Market?

Virtual Data Rooms are unique and feature-rich business solutions that have been around since the early 2000s. However, these software products became popular only a few years ago, when businesses had to switch to online activities more forcibly due to coronavirus events. As a result, the demand for VDRs began to grow at an incredible rate, and therefore there is now a huge selection of providers on the market. Because of this, choosing a truly quality data room tool becomes much more difficult, but in this article, we will highlight the best data room solutions today.

Citrix review

Citrix is a fairly popular software provider that started in 1989 and today has offices in different cities around the world. The company is not limited to just one VDR service, but today we will talk about it – Citrix Sharefile VDR. The provider has a fixed monthly fee and offers unlimited users. The program is available on all operating systems and devices and has a flexible solution for contacting support any time of the day or night. Also, the developers offer program training materials, including webinars, live training sessions, and documentation materials.

Speaking of Citrix Sharefile functionality, the solution has many features, which we can highlight:

    • Best security certifications from HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, SSAE 16
    • Optical character recognition
    • Document version control
    • Document validity period
    • 256-bit encryption
    • Branded interface and much more

Intralinks Overview

Intralinx is considered one of the first virtual data room providers. The company started in 1996 and released its first VDR product in 2002. Since then, Intralinx has deservedly held a significant market share. Large companies with large-scale projects will find this VDR solution extremely useful, as it can meet most of their needs. The provider supports all operating systems, and the support features include a personal manager. You can learn to use Intralinks VDR through webinars, documentation, or in person.

Features of the functionality include:

      • ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, COC 1 SSAE 16 certifications
      • No plug-ins
      • Customizable watermarks
      • Search filter by name and content
      • Desktop synchronization
      • Question and answer module
      • Single login integration and more

Merrill Datasite Review

Merrill Datasite is a very popular American virtual data room solutions provider. The company was founded in 1999 and today has offices not only in North and South America but also in London, Beijing, Milan, Madrid, and many other cities. VDR solution supports all operating systems except iOS. You can ask for support anytime or at night, and the provider provides all means of communication except live chat. You can learn to use Merrill Datasite VDR through webinars, live broadcasts, and materials. The space has extensive feature options and uses only cutting-edge technology.

DealRoom Overview

DealRoom is the ideal solution for conducting the merger and acquisition process. The provider is considered quite young, as it began operations in 2012. Nevertheless, companies can effectively conduct complex transactions such as fundraising, corporate cooperation, and due diligence within the space. DealRoom can suit companies of any size but only supports Windows. Support is available 24\7 via live chat or email. Training on the tools can take place through live training, webinars, or materials. The features of the functionality can be noted:

      • Integration via API
      • A spreadsheet viewer
      • Multiple data center locations
      • Safe fence view
      • Multilingual document viewer
      • Real-time audit logs
      • Scheduled reports
      • Automatic notifications and more


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