The General Overview of Total AV Antivirus

There have been mixed feedback about Total AV software. The company had its ups and downs but eventually decided to listen to the customer’s opinion. That’s why the latest version of the program is pretty good and brings a lot to your PC. Let’s discuss the software more in order to come to the conclusion if it’s worth your time.

The general impression

First of all, you need to understand that there are 2 versions of the antivirus. You can pick either a free one or buy the full version. The first option is very limited and basic. You get only protection against malware. In case you decide to buy the full version, you’ll also get a number of extra features that include the VPN, Password Manager, As Block Pro, and more.

It’s quite convenient that Total AV runs on all systems including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. Mind that the mobile versions are limited, especially the one for iOS. You’ll only get an optimizer, a safe browsing tool, and a photo manager.

The installation process is simple but can be annoying. Firstly, because you’ll have to create your account and sign up. In general, the whole thing takes about 10 minutes.

As soon as the software is installed, you’ll see a user-friendly beautiful interface. There is no drawback in it as you can easily navigate all the modules and features. The main screen already shows you some shortcuts and the condition of each module. They include Antivirus, System Boost, Disk Cleaner, and Web Security. When something is wrong with any section, it’ll change the color from green to yellow or red (depending on the level of threat).

The assessment of the protection level

Antivirus offers you to have a quick scan and a full one. Pay attention that quick scan, despite the name, is very time-consuming. If it’s essential for you, Total AV won’t be your best choice. In addition, the protection includes a firewall and real-time protection.

If you get the full version, you’ll get a VPN with access to about 40 servers. This service is very useful nowadays as it adds one more layer of protection to your PC and data. VPN has a standard 256-bit AES-CBC encryption. It runs on the OpenVPN protocol only.

Total AV also has quarantine but the reviews on it are very controversial. Once the file got there, a user can only choose between 3 actions: delete, whitelist, or do nothing to it.

The disadvantages of Total AV

There is a whole list of drawbacks to this software. First and foremost, it’s not 100% reliable. The independent tests show that it detects about 90% of threats letting 10% through. Comparing to some top choices, this number is quite big and can definitely be improved. Let’s hope the company will keep making improvements and remove this fact.

Another thing that caused lots of discussions is pricing. You should definitely read the fine script and make sure you understand all the terms. The great price of $20 per year is only available for the 1st year. After that, there will be an automatic payment of $100-$150 per year. It’s too much for an average antivirus. Even some top choices ask for less.

If you want the extra features, you’ll have to pay since the free version has only the basic protection.


Author: OzellaStrosin

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