Pros and Cons of ScanGuard Antivirus: Is It Any Good?

You can come across lots of reviews that state ScanGuard is a scam. However, it’s not true. The young company clearly has space for improvement but it looks like the software will stay. It has some advantages worth discussing as well as some drawbacks you need to consider if you plan to install this antivirus. Let’s put everything together to decide if ScanGuard is worth your attention.

The advantages of the software

First of all, it has a user-friendly interface. Its simple navigation is a pleasant bonus and very useful when a beginner tries to figure it out. The pricing policy is also moderate. In combination with the newcomer discount, the deal is simply amazing. However, there are so many other things the company has to offer. For example, the software has a pre-installed VPN. It’s very easy to use and it gives another layer of protection to your online activities.

You can safely browse on the Internet knowing that you also have 2-wall firewall. Far from all antivirus companies offer that kind of security.

Aside from antivirus, the package comes with other useful blocks that include the Tune-Up tools, Parental Control, etc. Each block has a certain color scheme. If the component works fine and is up-to-date, it’ll be green. In case there is an issue you need to fix or some other actions to take, the color can be yellow or red (depending on the problem).

A user can pick from 5 different types of scans that include:

  • Manual virus scan,
  • USB virus scan,
  • Registry startup scan,
  • Auto virus scan,
  • Scheduled scan.

The biggest advantage is that with 1 account and subscription you can cover all devices in your household. What’s more, you’ll get 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

The disadvantages you should know before you sign up

While the price for the first-year subscription is more than competitive, the next billing sum can be quite shocking. Before you commit to using this antivirus, you need to study the pricing policy and make sure it suits you.

Moreover, there is a confusion with the free version. If you get it, you won’t have access to all features. It’s not a free trial version where you can test any feature for a limited time. A free version doesn’t have the time limit but delivers only basic functions.

It’s hard to say about the level of protection since the new company wasn’t tested by any independent labs yet. This antivirus also lacks some features like Game Mode, Email Protection, Anti-Spam, etc. If some of these features are essential for you, this antivirus won’t be your greatest option.

There have also been some complaints about the software conflicts with Windows Defender. If you don’t use Windows or this utility, you’ll never face this problem for sure.

The verdict on the software

ScanGuard is young antivirus software that sometimes fails to detect threats. Yet, it has lots of useful features and a team of professionals who work hard to deliver regular updates and improvements. You can pick from 4 different versions of the program depending on what you need and how much you are willing to spend. Take a look at its Essential Antivirus, Pro Antivirus, and Ultimate Antivirus. If you are on a tight budget, you can try the free version (it’s limited). The support team and extra features definitely make it worth your attention.


Author: OzellaStrosin

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